Call Center

Brizo FoodMetrics offers a white label call center service to compliment our restaurant intelligence dashboard.  Our team of experienced sales agents will pre-qualify leads you have identified through Brizo FoodMetrics and pass the warm leads on to your sales team to close. 

Prospect less and pitch more with our Brizo White Label Call Center!

Base Plan

1000 calls/month

  • $2.50/call
  • Calls within North America
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Custom Scripts (Optional)
  • Set up fee: $750
Standard Plan

1500 calls/month

  • $2.00/call
  • Calls with North America
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Custom Scripts (Optional)
  • Set up fee: $750
Enterprise Plan

2500 calls/month

  • $1.80/call
  • Calls within North America
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Custom Scripts (Optional)
  • Set up fee: $750

White Label Call Center Service

The outbound White Label Call Center services consist mostly of:

– Appointment/Demo Setting

– Start-up or Test market campaigns

– Event Marketing

– Lead Generation

– Attendee Registration

– Contact Verification

Why use a White Label Call Center:

  • Instantly have an outbound sales development team without the FTE costs.
  • Add more bandwidth to your current SDR.
  • Have your current sales team focused on closing vs cold calling.
  • Located in North Carolina, the professional callers represent your company at an affordable rate.


Brizo FoodMetrics consulting helps to customize your campaign for higher success using best practices and direct communication with you and the callers.

Callers provide call notes for market feedback to your offering. This is beneficial to tweak campaigns and help your sales team close more deals.


We want to prove to you that outsourcing your outbound call center campaign that combines the Brizo FoodMetrics prioritized list of who to call on first, is a successful formula.

We want to continue growing with you, therefore, your success is paramount for our partnership to continue.


Free is always a welcome word:

While you are a Brizo FoodMetrics client, enjoy the following free services:


– Free list scrubbing to comply with your do-not-call list, to ensure your call center campaign runs smooth, without complaints. 

– Free help with your script. 

– All campaign conversations are recorded for quality assurance.

– Free daily consultation and techniques for campaign success, and adjustments of your script.

– Free daily and weekly reports charting your progress. The detailed log reports provide the outcome of each call.

– Free list dedupping, or removing duplicate records, so your campaign can run smoother.



When your campaign is live:

> 100% domestic workforce

 > Ability to quickly start a campaign within 48 business hours

 > Flexibility to a/b test and optimize scripts, tweak on the fly

> Flexibility to start, stop, and pause campaigns

> Live call transfer/email update for Electronic Lead Transfer



Experience talks:

“Our sales team consists of 2 people. Even though we started this company with over 20 years of experience in this industry, we were wasting time and money trying to get prospects. Let’s face it, we don’t have time to grow our company if we are poking around cold calling with a piecemealed list. Having BFM filters to cull our list to our ideal prospect makes all the difference in the world. Being able to combine a single place for prospecting this list through the call center helped us beat our revenue goals exponentially.”

Chris B. New York, NY 10003, USA.


“If you want to be successful in this space, there is nothing more important than BFM. If you are a mid-size company, with budget constraints, the best thing you can do for your sanity and securing your livelihood is to set yourself up for success and decrease the cold calling for my higher salaried sales team.”

Florence J. Toronto, MSH 383, CANADA.


“Once we immediately saw the impact of BFM, we felt relief that we could charge ahead with our 2020 plans despite the pandemic. We don’t have time or want to spend money on our current sales team cold calling. We need demos yesterday. The call center option sped up everything and is keeping our paid employees engaged in sales funnel activity that is better suited for their experience and salary.”

Sara M. Chicago, IL 60654, USA.


The white label call center is a brilliant service to offer with Brizo data. I don’t have time to dedicate to this. Getting the cold calling off our plate means we can focus on more pressing business targets.”

Sam S. Ottawa, K0A 1A0, CANADA.